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Getting Stoned – Hot Stone Therapy For Health

In the bad old days of the Soviet Union, citizens who suffered with minor often weather-related health problems such as runny noses, headaches and sore throats were often diagnosed with poor circulation. Sometimes the prescribed cure was to have a family of live leeches stuck on their backs, to draw the blood to the surface and suck out impurities. Other times, the cure was hot stone therapy Natural Lava Rock Basalt Stone for Professional B01N7E1OW7.

Hot stone therapy is offered by many day spas as a relaxing treatment.

Like leeches, hot stone therapy existed to clear out the lymphatic circulation and help improve circulation throughout the body. The stones were often heated in a sauna and placed on the (victim’s) back in a fairly haphazard fashion, sometimes leaving marks that took weeks to heal. In rare cases, the marks never disappeared at all.

These days, Western hot stone therapy has evolved into a popular, New Age type of massage, with the hot stones placed along the back’s chakra, or energy points. The idea is the same: to improve circulation while also helping aid relaxation and give renewed energy. Often, the recipient listens to New Age music or the sound of gently flowing water to make the whole experience even more surreal. Does it work? Probably not.

Why Get Stoned?

People get stoned because they want to flush out bad toxins, get their juices flowing and enjoy a relaxing, peaceful treatment that will reduce inflammation and increase their energy levels. Other reasons people choose to indulge in a hot stone treatment are because the recipients a) are curious, b) need some personal attention and relaxation, c) like to try out new massages, d) believe in “Native American healing”, e) are stupid, or f) are all of the above.

The stones used are usually made from a smooth, black volcanic rock called basalt, and are heated to very high temperatures. They normally are vigorously cleaned and sterilized between every treatment – or they should be. The massage begins when the stones are placed either one by one or all together on chakras along the spine, as the client lies topless on his or her tummy. The therapist usually massages the client gently using the smooth stones themselves, often implementing traditional Swedish massage techniques. He or she might also leave heated stones on specific parts of the body to bring about additional relaxation, such as in the palms of the hands.

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