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Personalized Blankets Make Wonderful Gift Ideas For Almost Anyone – From Babies To Grandparents

A personalized blanket can make a perfect gift idea for just about anyone – from babies through teenagers, from parents through grandparents and beyond – all age groups seem to really appreciate them.

What makes them such a perfect gift idea?

The overwhelming reason is, regardless of age or gender, everyone uses blankets; whether it’s simply for use on their bed, or something to snuggle up under while watching TV on a cold winter’s night, or maybe even to use as a ground blanket to sit on while enjoying a family picnic; the bottom line is, everyone will always find a use for them!

Having said that, the single most important thing about a custom blanket is it can be personalized with photos and designs of the recipient’s loved ones and/or favorite past times!

Availability of custom blankets

Thanks to the burgeoning photo gifts industry it’s now really easy to find custom blankets of almost any size; simply do an Internet search for “custom blankets” or “personalized blankets”; you will find dozens of websites that provide services that allow you to customize blankets with your own photos, designs, logos and text.

The most popular custom blankets, or photo blankets, as many people seem to know them as, are those made of polar fleece. Polar fleece is a soft and comfortable synthetic material that provides about the same amount of warmth as traditional blankets. One of the benefits of polar fleece blanket’s is they are much lighter than traditional blankets, making them far more comfortable when you are snuggled up under them. The other big plus is they are machine washable and fit into most washing machines – they also dry far more quickly than standard blankets.

It’s important to understand that the gift idea is all in the design

For example, if you intend to buy a custom blanket for an expectant mother, you are probably thinking of a small blanket that will fit nicely on the baby’s crib. From a design perspective, the first thing you need to establish is whether or not the parents are using a theme in the nursery – if they are, all you need to do is design your photo blanket with pictures that depict the same theme as the nursery – I think you will agree, such a personalized blanket would make a perfect baby shower gift! If the nursery does not have a theme, you need to come up with a cute design that works for both baby boys and girls – maybe a Pooh Bear design for example Blanket¬†Deep Sleep Relaxation¬†B07KQZN4LS.

If you are buying for the parents of a young baby, a small custom blanket still makes a wonderful gift idea, but you have more options for the design. If you really want to excel you should design and create a custom blanket featuring a photo collage of the baby itself – this is one of the best gift ideas you will ever find for young parents!

If you are buying for a child, there are countless designs you can use to make them really happy – some of the more popular include photos of themselves, their favorite cartoon characters or images of their favorite sports teams.

For women, you can never go far wrong with collage designs featuring their children, while for men, you may want to consider a photo blanket with images and the name of their favorite football team plastered all over it – such a blanket is perfect for keeping them warm during cold Monday night games!

Then of course you have the grand-parents – can you imagine the reaction any grand-mother or grand-father would have to a personalized blanket featuring pictures of their grand-children – if you are looking for the perfect gift idea then this is most definitely it!


No matter who you are buying for, a friend, relative or even yourself, a custom blanket personalized with the right photos and designs makes the ultimate gift – it is one of the few gifts that can be both used and cherished!

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