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Power Strips Vs Power Conditioners

Choosing what option to take for your power needs may take more than a few minutes, we all will probably rule out the electrician as that would be a lot more than either of the other two options and take a lot longer to get done. So that leaves you to either buy the power strip or power conditioner. Most will probably go buy a power strip at the local store whether it is from the super market, hardware store, electronics store, etc. If you choose the electronics store you will probably have a wide range of choices from around $10 to over $100. Now you start thinking about why such a difference in price Extension Cord, Multi Outlet Power Strip B07DLMGXMC.

There is something to be said about the quality of the power strip. Some will be pre-marked for you so you know what device is plugged in where. Many of them will advertise that you equipment will be guaranteed safe from power surges or they will pay you up to $100,000 for your damaged equipment. Be aware that those power strips generally have a disclaimer that surges from lightning strikes are not covered. Then in an electronics store you may find in that area the home theater specific power strip and also power conditioners. You will see a big jump in price when looking at the power conditioners, they tend to start at around $100 and go up from there depending on the number of outlets. They are considerably bigger as well and will generally take up a whole shelf in your component cabinet, so plan your furniture appropriately. Many have a display of some sort on the front of them to give it a cool look. What is the difference between them you are wondering? Well it does exactly what it says; it conditions the power going to your electronics.

The power conditioners maintain the voltage going to you electronics without fluctuations from power surges, which can also be a drop in voltage which does happen (ever notice the lights dimming, that’s a drop in voltage). I have a conditioner and it has a voltage meter on the front and I can see the voltage going up and down. They usually have a coaxial in and out to protect damage through your cable wire as well. The big difference I saw was the quality of picture my TV was giving me improved noticeably. Your electronics work much better with stable consistent voltage which will help extend their life as well. The other plus is that most power conditioners will cover your equipment from lightning strikes as well.

So there are some things to consider which way you want to go. On one hand you have power strips are more budget friendly, take up less space, and will help protect your theater. The other hand the power conditioner which will definitely cost more money and take up more space (but they do look cool). The upside is knowing that your equipment has the best protection against power fluctuations and improve your theaters performance. If it were me and I didn’t have the money for the conditioner, I would start saving and make the investment, it is worth it.

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