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Primary DIY Information to Automobile Upkeep

Driving a automobile brings a lot of comfort to the person, and past the choice and shopping for of a automobile, we additionally should handle the automobile and preserve it in good situation so that it’ll proceed to serve us nicely for not less than the following 5 to 10 years.

In the present day, I shall be sharing with you the Primary DIY Information to Automobile Upkeep and how one can additionally do it your self and save the time and price spent going to automobile mechanics!!


The very first thing to do is to look beneath the automobile hood. It appears to be like like a maze, is not it? Primarily mendacity beneath that’s the gasoline system, ignition system, and the cooling system.

We’re not going into particulars on how all these system works. As a substitute, we’ll have a look at how we will carry out the easy weekly test on the automobile and what are the objects to look out for when doing so.

DIY CAR MAINTENANCE – Objects to look out for

1) Fluids

– Engine Oil fluids

– Coolant fluids

– Windshield fluids

– Washer fluids

– Brake fluids

– Energy steering fluids

2) Automobile tire strain

DIY CAR MAINTENANCE (1a) – Engine Oil Fluids

TIP: At all times test the oil degree when the engine has been turned off for an prolonged interval to keep away from scorching oil from scalding your self.

Objective of Engine Oil fluids:

To lubricate the automobile engine elements and to forestall put on out.

Steps to observe:

1. Wipe the engine oil dipstick clear which is offered by the producer

2. Insert the dipstick into engine, then pull up and test the extent. If the highest fringe of the oil is above the ADD mark, the oil degree is suitable, else you should add oil instantly. Sometimes quantity required is one quart of oilLS parts.

three. So as to add oil, open the engine oil cap, place a funnel over the opening, and slowly pour the oil into it.

four. Await a couple of minutes after which recheck the oil degree to make sure that the oil degree is now inside the “ADD” and “FULL” marks. Watch out to not add oil past the complete mark as it is going to cut back the oil’s lubrication qualities and show much less efficient.

DIY CAR MAINTENANCE (1b) – Coolant Fluids

Objective of Coolant Fluids:

Circulates all through automobile engine to take away extra warmth. Contains of a combination of antifreeze fluid and water, which collects the warmth and and brings it to the radiator the place air circulate cools the liquid earlier than returning again to chill the engine.

Steps to observe:

1) Guarantee each engine and radiator are cooled down earlier than checking coolant degree.

2) Find the radiator, and the corresponding coolant reserve tank which is holding the highest layer of coolant from the radiator. Test and make sure that the coolant degree is inside the lowest and most ranges.

three) When the necessity to top-up arises, flip the radiator cap counterclockwise by 1 quarter flip to launch any built-up strain remaining within the cooling system, earlier than turning all the best way to open the cap.

four) Add coolant as required till degree is inside the min and max marks.

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