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Top 3 Ways to Prevent Injuries In A Car Accident

When we think of people getting injured in a car accident, we usually imagine the harm caused by the movement of a person’s body during impact. There are times, however, when bodily injury is caused by objects that are thrown around inside the car during an accident. These objects can include cell phones, MP3 players, loose music CD’s, baby bottles, and toys. Here are three recommendations for ways to improve your car safety by making make the interior of your car less likely to cause injury when you’re in an accident.

Invest in Cell Phone Mounts

These days, just about everyone has at least one or two mobile devices in their possession that they feel the need to access while driving or when riding as a passenger. These devices often include a cell phone or Smartphone and a portable MP3 player. In fact, many people now use a Smartphone as a GPS device. Most people leave these items lying on their car seat while they drive so that the items are easily accessible. The problem is, in the event of an accident, these items can become harmful projectiles inside the car Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4″┬áB00X528FNE.

One solution is to invest in a dashboard or windshield mount for your phone. This will help position your phone up high in your vehicle. Windshield mounts typically use a suction cup to adhere to the glass. Friction dashboard mounts are best for deep, slightly slanted or flat dashboards. Some dashboard mounts include an adhesive safety anchor for added stability. Both types of mounts come with universal holders so you can just as easily use it for a GPS device as you could for your Smartphone.

Try a Car Visor Organizer

How do you organize the music CD’s or recorded books you have in your car? Some people simply leave their CD’s and cases lying loose around the car so they can access them quickly. Remember that in an accident, these CD and cases can ricochet around the inside of the car and cause injuries to you or your passengers.

Even a portable CD organizer or CD album can be harmful if you have it lying around your car. A portable organizer could even get thrown into the foot well of the car and get lodged under your brake pedal.

A good solution for organizing your CD’s (or even DVD’s) is to get a car visor organizer. These fabric and plastic CD holders strap onto either visor in the front seat of the car and hold your CD’s out of harms way as you drive. Typically, they hold 10 or more CD’s or DVD’s and don’t interfere at all with your visor vanity mirrors. Plus, the visor organizer keeps CD’s at eye level if you or your passenger need to access them. When the visor is in the up position, your CD’s are held securely against the car and won’t dislodge in the event of an accident.

Buy a Car Backseat Organizer

If you have small children, you know how quickly your car can seem to accumulate loose toys and other paraphernalia. It’s dangerous to your children and to you as a driver to let all those items lie loosely about the car.

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